Bulk Grow Combo


Bulk Grow Combo

Have you tried our TEK Kit and are now keen to develop your skills while increasing yields?

This bulk monotub kit will teach you how to get started growing in bulk and consists of everything you need to get started from our tried and tested 13lt monotub, your sterilised grain, already measured out bulk substrate and all other accessories needed to sterilise while you work. The combo includes:

  • 1 x 13lt Monotub
  • 1 x Grain Kit
  • 1 x 3l Bulk substrate ( unpasteurised ) Consists of Coco Coir + vermiculite + horse manure + gypsum
  • 4 x gloves
  • 1 x 100 ml Isopropyl Spray
  • 1 x Polypropylene bag

You will still need to purchase 1 x syringe culture to inoculate your grain kit with.

Full instructions are provided from inoculating the grain, pasteurising the bulk substrate to spawning the monotub. We’re happy to give advice along the way but please note that if you tell us you are growing psilocybin mushrooms we will not be able to assist further.

MyShrooms guarantees the grain kit and that it will fully colonise. The spawning to bulk and fruiting stages are up to you. Research is recommended.

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