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About CXSeeds

What is CXseeds.co.za about? 

Well, if you are like me and you are considering growing your own Cannabis plant/s. The first thing you need is a seed. Whether you want to grow one, two, or a group of plants, you need to start by finding cannabis seeds. People have discovered that they can easily grow their own cannabis plant/s, that they can use for their own personal use, as per the South African Cannabis Legislation.

Growing Cannabis plants isn’t complicated, but it does require some knowledge. You will need to learn a bit about how to start, growing plants from seeds, and how to harvest your crop. Firstly you must find cannabis seeds for sale from a reputable company.

CXseeds.co.za is a South African Cannabis seed bank (shop here) where you will find your favourite strain. Cannabis plants have been developed to provide specific types of results. Don’t worry, I have you covered with options of World-Class International Cannabis seeds to choose from. It is best to read the descriptions of each type before you make a purchase. 

Are you ready to get started? You can simply begin by choosing some quality seeds from our online shop. With a quick and easy online purchase, your seeds will be delivered to you at your front door.

You’ve read my story. I am growing my own and I would love to get you there too.

I am proud to be your seed bank for Cannabis seeds with a safe, convenient online shopping experience!


Please Note: I do NOT have a physical Store, so products cannot be collected nor viewed in person. I purely provide an online store and therefore all purchases are done online, by making use of a secure Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway.  

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